The List Report Podcast Premiere

Click Here to Watch Ben Sugarman of the Philly Rhinos asked me to join him and the list Mistress Miranda West as a host on a Podcast detailing the state of the ACL and Armored Combat in general. In this kick off episode we discussed Eastern Conference, New World Cup, and the #SaveGriffon controversy. Also … Continue reading The List Report Podcast Premiere


Accepting Compliments

Probably posted on this before but it’s an ongoing struggle. I can’t seem to take a compliment without deflecting, diminishing, or out right disagreeing with it. I have the same problem when people thank me. I feel awkward and try push it off. No just the platitude, it’s no big deal, but dropping phrases like … Continue reading Accepting Compliments

The hanging Tree

Johnny had always loved the old hanging tree. He looked out from the lightning scarred branches upon the rapidly drying dessert ground. The town mocked and shunned him morbid for his fascination. Little boys should be drawn to death they would say. Johnny agreed with them. He hated the bones that surrounded the tree, left … Continue reading The hanging Tree


Warning personal, poorly written, and likely boring,. 2 Months ago I set out an aggressive training plan. I have already failed on almost every aspect of it. Time to take accountability to myself for not sticking to it. My plans for individual fighting were basically worthless than the storage space they take up on server … Continue reading Accountability