Brave New World sounded pretty cool

I think I took the wrong message from the book. Seemed like the book was trying to paint the world as a bad thing, but well, all that no war, no crime, ect seemed pretty fucking awesome. I know I know hedonism is supposed to be looked down on, but I fucked around with it for a while and it was pretty great. Yeah I got over it and needed to seek meaning and change but with that conditioning I probably wouldn’t. I’ve thought most of my life that my biggest regret was being born. Like the world is not a good place, there is so much suffering here it really seems that depression is the natural state. Huxley’s world solves that.

Note, I’m not gonna explain the book. At all. If you haven’t read it, do so. It’s one the best books I’ve read, probably one the top 20 English classics of the last century. It’s not boring or dry. The prose is quick, there is wit and humor, the world is clever and interesting. It’s speculative fiction at it’s best. It’s probably some spoilers below, so go read it now.

One of things that is probably most frightening about the world to the general populace is what attracts me so much to it. That conditioning that makes you accept your life. You’re born being worse than others and you know it, but hey you’re cool. It’s the certainty of knowing you belong, of knowing your role. How much stress, agony, and wasted effort has there been in trying to figure out the meaning of life? Imagine it being slipped inside your head as your being formed and you come out into the world just knowing exactly where to go and what to do. That’s the biggest problem my generation faces. Finish college, now what? what am I supposed to do next?

Of course giving up intellectual discussion, true artistic purpose, philosophy, ect seems pretty terrible. Usually that’s the cost that makes it not worth it. But hey, not this time. If you’re into all those things it’s fine, because instead of being surrounded by people who hate your too deep probing, as I’m sure many of you experience now, you find yourself with all the people you would want to interact with. You get to live in your utopia as well. Everyone else is stupid and willfully ignorant? So what, sounds like modern America, only instead of today where it’s a problem, in that world it’s encouraged and in fact necessary.

Normally I’m a huge fuck the government freedom to do whatever Libertarian type but I don’t know. Huxely kinda has me thinking there’s something to Big Brother after all.


2 thoughts on “Brave New World sounded pretty cool

  1. Huxley’s world Pros: Swinging parties. No famine.
    Cons: No more romantic love (everyone diddles whoever with no consequences). No more upward mobility (born alpha or beta, you stay that way, because brain chemicals)
    Did you read an old copy or a newer version with Huxley’s preface? The one where he talks about making betas and gammas through shitty living conditions instead of his ‘birthing factory’? Fascinating stuff. Good post.


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