Idiocracy for Idiots

Fucking hate this movie. Not because it’s badly made, though it isn’t particularly good on that level anyway, but because it’s fans are fucking idiots. One of the most rage inducing things I see on facebook is at least once a month is a meme like this.

What if you’re an idiot who can’t see satire is meant to poke fun at reality not mirror it? Candide is not an accurate portrayal of Liebniz, Dr. Strangelove is not an accurate portrayal of the US govt, and even Animal Farm is not an accurate portrayal of Communism. They are exaggerations by necessity.  They point out the flaws of their subjects by the method of making them ridiculous. And if those flaws were already ridiculous? They go full retard.

Mike Judge may talk about how he saw it as a vision of the future but literally everything in it was just modern america turned up to 11.

Pornstar president? How bout actor president Reagan? Or bodybuilder governor Arnold?

Ow my balls? How bout Jackass? or before that America’s funniest home video?

But Ringo, you might say, that proves our point. If that’s what we have now, imagine the future. Well, idiot, how bout you look at the past? If trends continue forever, how come we’re not all wearing pointed shoes as long as our legs? How come we aren’t all  wearing clothes loose enough to fit whole families but instead are wearing tighter and tighter pants? How come sitcoms are dying and being replaced with serialized long form drama? How come the growth of Christianity slowed and has begun to wither and start to die? How come we elected a Harvard Educated Black Man if trends never change?

It’s almost as if historical trends are ever shifting and nothing ever continues to the inevitable end point because some backlash rises up against it. It’s almost as if there is such a thing a nuance and subtlety in real life, something completely lacking in that movie.

So, you may follow up asking, why does it feel so real? Probably because you’re the person it’s making fun of. It’s not like it’s the first time Mike Judge has done this. You know who likes Bevis and Butthead? Metal Heads who watched a bunch of MTV when they were young. The exact demographic the show was satiring it turns out. And what about Office Space? The movie that is beyond popular at every Tech cube farm in america? Huh. Once again the people being lampooned. Yup…that’s right you are the joke in Idiocracy. He’s making fun of America TODAY(or 2005). Jackass, Celebrity Politicians, and Ridiculous ad Campaigns are all things that existed then and have existed for decades now.

That’s not a bad thing either. Being a modern american who occasionally watches the Kardashians, who might vote for Trump(shudder), who drinks overly caffeinated energy drinks, or swears like an episode of Deadwood, is not the worst thing. We’re all people, we all have dumb moments and like shitty things. Stop acting like you’re better than it because you can see it. Especially since you can’t see it if you are sharing that shit like it’s fucking news.

Look I’m an elitist snob. I have no issues laughing at someones terrible taste or making fun of them if they don’t know what the electoral college is. However you assholes are giving elitist snobs a bad name. People have always been talking about society degenerating and doing it just makes you look like the old guy with pants that don’t fit belted up around his belly button talking about how this Rock and Roll is black people music and not fit for polite society. Yeah I went there, you’re as ignorant as a racist in the 50’s.

Still, not convinced it’s a dumb premise? Think the being outbred by stupid people theory holds? Well how about these trends then; College attendance is up, IQ’s are steadily rising and have been for years, and Teen birth is dropping steadily. Basically the world is getting better and smarter. So…You’re just wrong. Deal with it.


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