I Love Sluts

Mom, If you are reading this you may want to stop now. Also most feminists too. And anyone who wants to keep their impression that I’m a good person. Instead look at this bunny 🙂0a8b91f0bfbbcbc65fb7d43cd9ff4c78

They all gone? No? Well you were warned.

“That’s why dumb sluts are awesome, because they are dumb.

“No man, they’re awesome because they’re SLUTS.”

This was the conclusion to an actual conversation I had with prep cook while I worked at Uno’s Chicago Grill. We were discussing the various vices and virtues of the front of the house staff(servers, hosts, and bartenders for those who’ve never work food industry) and had come to conclusion many of them were not really value as people, because of poor media taste, lack of intellectual obscurity, poor base reasoning skills, and basically a lack of the things we considered important to being a fully realized person. But that didn’t stop them from being hot. Were we being elitist sexist privileged assholes? Yes, yes we were. No excuse, that’s just who I was then and what the culture of the kitchen is. Regrettable sure, but hey who hasn’t been stupid and ignorant in their past.

The point of that conversation though, what I was driving at it, is that being dumb is not a virtue. In that context what we both wanted was to get our dicks wet and we were positing they were a means to that end. He held that was because they were dumb, thus easy to convince to open their legs with his superior wits. I held they’ll open their legs anyway and that’s a great value. Now I’ve learned since then, how fucked up it is to think that a persons genitals are a goal that should be hunted, that they should essentially be tricked into touching yours. That’s some low low shit. To be honest, at the time I was more elitist than I was horny and would not have been able to sleep with some one I thought was dumb, which is still pretty low, but at least not somewhat rapey. However, my stated position, while framed in a seriously misogynistic view point, is surprisingly still valid.

Not that women are good because they contain dick holsters. No. That’s dumb, regressive, sexist, and really just totally fucked up. The part that is valid is that people who want to have sex are awesome. I love sex. I’ve rarely found anyone who doesn’t. I like sex with lots of people. I even like other people having sex with other people, which I know sounds weird, but if you like porn, than you’re down with that too. More sex is better(and safer). We should all celebrate the people who engage in it as a recreational activity. We celebrate people for loving running, writing, basketball, cooking, and all these other activities, especially in their constant engagement of it. Why not celebrate those who make sex a hobby?

I don’t get how slut shaming is a thing among men. Like I can see repressed women who haven’t left behind a puritan based worldview of sex might attack more liberated people, but dudes? Every dude I know wants to get it on. Constantly. How can you not love sluts? How can that be an insult? Everytime you call a girl a slut you’re basically saying she is the one thing every guy wants and desires, a woman who will fuck him. From a totally misogynist perspective that should be the greatest compliment.

And you know what? It should really be a compliment in a non awful society dominated by old patriarchal traditions. You fuck a lot of people? Awesome, that’s actually not an easy task. It’s hard internally to share yourself, takes a lot and it’s hard externally, because even with all the talk about how much male humans like getting their dicks sucked and want to suck on boobies, it’s not easy to convince them to select you for semen deposit.

Sure, there’s an element of selfishness in this. A hint, a remnant, of that Bro-like cook who just wanted to smash and truly was capable of seeing women as sex objects? Yup. Like Weezy said, I just want to fuck every girl in the world. But I don’t see that as inherently wrong. I also love fighting and want to fight every HEMA, SCA, ACL,  and even HMB swordsman in the world. It’s an activity I like. One I prefer sharing to participating by myself. Why would I not want and be happy that there are people that would want to share this with me? And even if I don’t get a chance to stab you I appreciate your desire to put yourself out to get stabbed. I hope you enjoy all thrusting activities even if they aren’t with me. Because in the end, you doing it means it’s more likely others will, and then maybe, just maybe, I can stab them.

My point? I love sluts. That’s all. Thank you existing sluts. I hope the world sees more of you.

Also this. Cause it’s fun.


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