I get to fight tomorrow!!

So this is a thing I’m doing. Remember that video of two guys in armor fighting in a boxing ring in Russia? This thing? We finally got that here. The guys at the ACL, Andre Sinou and Jaye Brooks have been working hard to build the league here and it’s been paying off hard. Now we get to do our first version of a cage fight. Step 1 to making an Armored UFC. And I get to be in the first one!!! Can you tell I’m a bit excited?

I’ve been working hard to get ready and almost didn’t have a fight but last minute one popped up and I couldn’t be happier. I’m slightly injured, with a partially dislocated finger but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’ve been resting it all week, no sparring at all (which was torture) and at the point as long as I’m either at extension or gripped I’m fine. It’s the transition that hurts. So just don’t let go of the sword and I’ll be fine.

I get to fight my buddy and training partner, Brandon Ross. Dude is a physical beast and probably the only fighter at the hall who has cardio near mine. He’s got size and strength on me, in spades, but I’ve been fighting longer so my blade skill and foot work are well above his. It’s a battle of technique vs power. We’ll see who prevails but I think I have it.

Two other fights are on the card. Lane and Peter is an interesting match. Peter should have more blade skill, having fenced, trained kendo, and fought with wasters for years now. But he’s largely untested in a full suit of armor while Lane is a straight up vet at this point. Lane has him by a large margin in weight but Peter is taller and has some good reach. Both have unarmed background, Lane with Kick boxing and Muay Thai and Peter with american freestyle wrestling(College stuff not Professional WWE). I really don’t have pick here.

Dustin vs Al is another interesting one. Dustin is a semi-pro football player with some serious strength and agility. Add to that a background in Boxing and BJJ and he’s a real tough mofo. However he’s up against a guy who’s been fighting with Polearms for at least a decade, though not in this form. Al definitely has the weapons edge as their fighting axes and that can be worth alot. I think this fights gonna come down to cardio. Whoever can outlast the other picks up the W.

I want to take a second to thank Cat Brooks for putting in a lot of work to make this happen behind the scene. This event wouldn’t be going down if it weren’t for him. So thanks bud and I’ll try to make it a great show for you and our fans.


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