That feeling when a plan comes together

Two weekends ago the Knights Hall crew rolled out of the north with a fury that hasn't yet been seen in American Steel Fighting. Perhaps I'm biased because they are boys but I don't think I've seen that sort of dominance, even when the Striking Eagles or the Russians have taken to the lists. We've been … Continue reading That feeling when a plan comes together


Why Race’s matter in RPGs

Recently my weekly gaming group discussed switching games to a savage worlds fantasy. The GM wanted to create a bunch of new races for this world but explicitly wanted there to be no cultural difference between them, in the city we were part of. His reasoning was that he found people playing up racial traits … Continue reading Why Race’s matter in RPGs

The Importance of Player Recognition

interesting thoughts on how to reward players work


One of my favorite Ted Talks comes from Dan Ariely, in a presentation from 2012 about personal recognition and what makes us motivated to work hard. If you haven’t seen this speech it isn’t a requisite to understand what I’m going to rap about today, but it’s a damn good presentation and you should just go watch the bloody thing.

What Mr. Ariely talks about is the importance of recognizing the labor of workers. Not rewarding. Not praising. Not encouraging. Simply acknowledging the labors of another can double the amount of menial work they’re willing to put in. This is a notion that can easily be applied to your gaming.

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