Master the Pitch Meeting

So you’ve got a pitch meeting with some big-time execs and you’re a little nervous. Don’t be! They want to like you. Often, they’ve already read your writing, so you just need to show that you’re not a crazy person, and you’re well on your way to getting staffed, or your own show, or, if it’s a general, to nothing.

I usually open with a little self-deprecating humor to break the ice, maybe something like, “My career has been a steady stream of wrong turns and disappointments.” Now that everyone’s feeling comfortable, I like to list the successful writers I think I’m better than. I follow that with a list of shows that I hate. This is known as humble bragging.

Or I’ll just tell them what I did last night. For example, I have a weird skin condition on my palm and I spend a lot of my free time poking at it and commenting on it. This is a fun thing to talk about. If you sense you are losing the room for whatever reason, it’s good to have a tried-and-tested topic-changer ready to go.


For me, it’s manatees. Manatees are super cute and everyone loves them. This is a classic “pet the dog” strategy. Everyone likes someone who likes manatees. Tell them you picture an alternate reality where you became a senator from Florida who introduced motorboat safety legislation, so the manatees wouldn’t get cut up anymore. Sometimes, you’re not even sure you want to be a writer.


Okay, so, you’ve made it through the small talk with flying….


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Source: Master the Pitch Meeting


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