Burn out

So, The other day I posted a facebook status talking about how hearing a specific piece of praise had rescued me from the verge of burnout. Someone responded that I would never burnout, something about my fire being too bright. I wish that were true, but while it sounds nice it’s total BS. In my short time steel fightin, just shy of 2 years, I’ve burnt out 3 times. Every activity I’ve done with any amount of seriousness I’ve burnt out on. Some I’ve picked back up and others have stayed dead.

I probably burn out more than most people because when I pick something up I throw the entirety of myself into it. I put as much time and energy into my passions as opportunities allows. I actively seek every chance I can to practice or perform. I tend to stress myself significantly over these things and when the pressures of outside life pile up as well, I often buckle under the load.

Why am I posting this? Because I want to make it clear that burnout is a thing that happens. Most people eventually burn out if they put any significant effort into a thing. Last year Myself, Cat, and Jaye, all fought at or traveled to events nearly every weekend between May and November. By the end of it we were all done, despite the fact we have as much passion for this sport as anyone I’ve yet met. Hell the two of them have made it their life’s blood.

The thing about burn out though, is that it doesn’t last. When you push yourself too hard and find think you need a break it’s time to step away…but that doesn’t mean you should stop completely. Pull back some but keep it in your life. Stay moderately dedicated and just push through. Give yourself time to reset and eventually you’ll get back on track…least that’s what always works for me. Don’t get frustrated at wanting to quit, at losing motivation, at getting frustrated with whatever you are pursuing. Everyone has a limit and if you are really pushing yourself you’re going to hit it. When you do hit it take the rest you need but stay on track and let discipline carry you through till motivation hits again.


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