Winning isn’t everything.

Ran out of time to get the post I wanted to up, so here’s a little thing I thought up while I was in the shower.

A Personal Mantra.

Winning isn’t everything. In fact it isn’t anything. Doing my best is. Not in the little league coach telling me “You did great Tiger” sense. Not in the everyone gets a trophy and our feelings all matter sense. Not in self esteem is worth something, but self worth should be inherent and take no work sense. I mean it in the spending 3 hours after dinner practicing in the park till the lights go out sense. I mean it in the waking up before the sun to get some time to read and meditate on victory sense. I mean it in the giving up drinking to study on a friday night sense.

My best is never second place. My best is never not good enough. This doesn’t mean I won’t accept failure. Failure, like success, is just a tool to measure how much more work I put in. This doesn’t mean I will be happy with success. Winning, achieving my goals, reaching a new PR, these are all just metrics. They show me where I am and I know my best is still better. I know I can train harder, prepare more, find a new level of will to push.
I will not fear Failure. I will not worship success. Those are destinations and it is always the journey that matters. When I’ve reached the end of my trials, it’s time to start a new quest. I will not forgot to focus on my steps along the road. I will take pride in putting all I can into the things that matter. I will not worry about the things I can not control. I will do my work. I will show up and I will do everything I am able. I will do my best…and it will be enough to see me through to victory and glory. Yet I will not do it for those things. I will do it to know I did it. Life is a competition with my past self. And I will not lose to that arrogant Cunt. Fuck him. Lets do this.


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