This is a blog about sword fighting. Kinda. It’s mostly about the things that are interesting to me. My name is Ringo and I’m a Medieval fighting enthusiasts.  This blog updates Monday and Friday. Mondays are Miscellany, where they may or may not related to some form of combat, but are equally if not more likely to be about politics, RPGs, Books or Film, or possibly my piss poor attempts at fiction. Fridays are focused on combat, primarily the sport of Armored Combat. You can read more about that here.


For those wondering why my words should carry any weight, I am a two time ACL Longsword Champion. I fight on the New England Executioners, last years New World Cup champions, 2 time winners of the Quebec winter Tourney, and unbeaten in over a year of fighting. I captain the Manchester Monarchs currently unbeaten and champions of the winter ACL chapter wars season. I also train close to daily at The Knights Hall both for sport specific reasons and in HEMA.  I am not an expert in overall Medieval Combat, but few if any are and I’m one of the few who could be considered close in the ACL style.


I hope this blog will provide insight into our sport but it’s primary purpose is for me to explore the craft of writing and to use it as a way of examining topics I find interesting. Because of that many of these posts may just be ranting or even self contradictory. Also none of these are edited as this is at best a tertiary hobby and I simply don’t have the time to clean these up. So you’re getting the first draft every time. Apologies for the lack of professionalism…but since I’m not a professional…not sorry? Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you in the lists.



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