Warning personal, poorly written, and likely boring,. 2 Months ago I set out an aggressive training plan. I have already failed on almost every aspect of it. Time to take accountability to myself for not sticking to it. My plans for individual fighting were basically worthless than the storage space they take up on server … Continue reading Accountability


Making up for a year lost

I will not be fighting in Scotland this year. After a disappointing Denmark performance, injuries, some financial setbacks, and other more personal reasons, it’s just not in the cards. With that event out of the way I’m looking at this year as a building and growing year. In particular I want this to be a … Continue reading Making up for a year lost


I have a problem. I’m not alone in this problem. Quite a few people I’ve met and taught have it bad like me. I’d be willing to be most humans have it to one degree or another. That problem is that I’m naturally talented at a wide variety of things. I know I know, that’s … Continue reading Quitting

IMCF Retrospective Part 3: Melee Marshalling and Miscelaenous Musings

Please read last week’s article on Marshalling to get caught up. This week will build off of that a bit. Instead of talking about singles and the need for more marshalls and greater crossover of fighter and ref, I’ll be going over Melee’s and some thoughts of the purpose of the Marshalate, Interactions between refs … Continue reading IMCF Retrospective Part 3: Melee Marshalling and Miscelaenous Musings