Meditations on Melee

This page will give an easier way to keep up with my thoughts on Melee fighting, primarily Steel Combat Melee’s but might add in boffer, SCA, or empty handed as my experience in them increases.


Melee Break down. Both the below series are attempts to categorize different jobs and actions on the field of play to give a clearer idea of what you should be doing in the list and what your opponent might be doing. They are unconditional only, meant to create a common language. These are the most basic way of looking at and should not be considered limiting in scope. Take these and work from them, do not remain tied to them.

ACL Positions: This is a series on the field positions for ACL. Basically where do you line up and where are you supposed to stand. What is your job based on location

ACL Roles
: This is a series based on field roles. Basically how do you take people down and what do you need to do to score those take downs.